Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Look Up

Just the other week, my fiance and I both had a full day to ourselves.  Away from work, meetings, and any plans.  We had all the chances in the world to go with the flow, which for us and our busy lives is very difficult.  We ended up getting alot done that day, but I did notice throughout the day we both kept checking our facebooks, instagrams, and text messages when we should have put our phones down for the whole day and enjoyed each others company without any interruptions.  I think in todays world, we are so used to having our phones attached at our hips.  I have a story for you.

On my bachelorette party, my girlfriends and I took a cruise.  If you don't already know, phones charge you up the ying-yang if you have your phone on during the cruise, so I let the girls know and they all turned their phones off.  One of my girlfriends had tears in her eyes when she turned her phone off.  She was so attached and so used to using it at all times.  Eventually, they got over the fact that they had to be without outside communication for 3 days.  And at the end of the cruise they couldn't wait to turn their phones back on to see all the messages they had received.  This just goes to show that "social" media is really making us anti-social.   

Check out this video, it couldn't explain it any better.

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  1. I love that video!!!! It is so very true, I try so hard to limit my interaction on social media but sometimes it just gets the best of me!


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