Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wedding Invitations

I've been meaning to blog about my wedding invitations for quite sometime now, and now that we've officially mailed them out I thought it would be the perfect time!

We ordered them custom made from a stationary artist.  If you are in the OC area, her company is called Invitation Design Studio.  It is the cutest, mother -daughter owned, little boutique for all things stationary.  Mostly catering to weddings of course. I highly recommend her if you have it in your budget to do so, as they are pretty pricy.

Keep in mind that upon the invitation cost, we had to put 96 cent postage on EACH outside envelope PLUS the additional 48 cent return stamp for our RSVP postcards.  (We didn't realize this until after the fact of course) . So a little helpful hint to all you future brides out there!

 I chose a pearly Tiffany Blue and a Pearly Coral color (As these are my wedding colors).  We had our first meeting and I had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted and had visioned.  I wanted to incorporate lace as well, because we incorporate it throughout our wedding.  And if you didn't already know,  I love to color coordinate EVERYTHING.  (& It ties in perfectly to our theme: Elegant + Romantic and of course BLING--I'm a bling girl ya know.)

 The inside of the invitation
Sorry for the Iphone Photo:  Here's the front..
 Open, and the inside:
 And of course, the Deets:

 We had pearly white RSVPs, detail cards, and Envelopes.
Probably my most favorite pearly paper ever.
Can I just write on pearly paper always?

 I feel so relieved to have finally sent my invitations out, and it has been really fun to get them back.  I check the mail EVERYDAY and get excited when new ones come in! 

Everything is coming together so beautifully.  I cannot wait to show you my garter, flower girl basket, guestbook, and so much more!  Less than 2 months-- only 58 more days.  That number keeps shrinking big time.  Remember my Bridal shower was 98 days away???  eeep!

I really only have a few more things to cross off my To-Do list now:
(View the 100 day countdown list here)

✔Hair Trial (Last week)
✔DJ Appointment (Last week)
✔ Chose makeup artist
✔Obtained Marriage license
✔Booked Flight + Hotel for before our cruise 
❑ Plan the Rehearsal Dinner (In progress)
❑ Finish Bridesmaid/Groomsman/Flower Girl/Ring Bearer Gifts (bridesmaids are done, groomsman done)
❑ Get all the girls dresses back to steam
❑ Make Seating Chart
❑ Send in Guest count (5 days before wedding)
❑ Meet with officiant to go over final details (This Sunday!)
❑ Final coordinator meeting (June)

I'll update the DIY Cardbox I made, My DIY Cakestand, and more little details soon! 



  1. Pretty! Our invitations cost a dollar something to mail, but since they didn't have that exact stamp, we had to use 2 $0.66 stamps on EACH envelope PLUS a regular stamp on the RSVP card. I didn't realize they would cost that much until after we had them. Very good advice for future brides!!!

  2. How cute! Love them! So bright and unique! That majorly stinks about the postage! My stationary designer mentioned that when I had showed him things that I liked and I'm so glad he did because we wound up going with a postcard RSVP that only cost like 30 cents. it's crazy how much postage adds up to!

  3. Those invitations are so cute! I love them! I love the colors you picked along with the lace. Can't wait to see how it all comes together on your wedding day :)

  4. love the colorful invitations! postage, ugh! between the save the dates, wedding invitations, rsvps, and thank yous i felt like we kept the post office in business in 2013


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