Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wedding Trial Makeup Tips

To have the best makeup trial experience you really need to be honest with the makeup artist.  She may try to give you tips (and some may be helpful) however, you know what looks best on you and your skin tone.  Be very honest with her, even if she doesn't like it.  After all, you are paying her/him!

 Try to find out if you have peach or pink undertones.  This will help determine what blush colors will look the best.
For me, I found out I have pink undertones, after trying a peach blush for my first horrible trial.  So I now ask for pink ones.  

Also, because I have lighter color eyebrows, I knew I wanted to darken them slightly, without having them overpower my face. (because that would look unnatural)  My first trial, she drew those babies on so dark, I looked like a tranny.  Not kidding.

Photos from my first trial:
 Am I right, or am I right?  Holy hell, my eyes are way dark, and not in a good way.  You are welcome to read all about that awful experience here.  Let's just say, THANK GOD I had a trial first, because this place had good reviews.

Also, make sure you want eyelashes or not, and which kind?  They have long ones and short ones, do what's best for your eyes.  For me, super long ones would look strange, because I have lighter eyes and lashes naturally.

Trial #2:
 So much better! This was done for my second engagement shoot.  I felt more like myself, I felt comfortable, and I felt pretty.  

Trial # 3: 
  You can't tell by the photos, but my eyebrows were a little darker and I couldn't get used to it.  That was my fault for not giving her a heads up about how I don't like them dark.  But we ended up choosing the girl who did my second trial for makeup for my wedding (also she's my gf and it was just much more convenient as I am the only one getting my makeup done!) 

Now for more tips...

Make sure you ask what type of makeup they use. (Airbrush -dinair or temptu, Makeup Forever, MAC, etc) Your skin could be sensitive to certain brands.  That's why a trial is good, but make sure it's far enough before the wedding so you don't have rashes or breakout.

This is your time to let her know what you like, what you don't like so you can get that out of the way before your big day.  You don't want to be playing around with new ideas the morning of your wedding.  That could turn into a disaster.

If you are going to be using a different makeup that you've never used before you may want to buy some and start wearing it around to feel if it's comfortable, how it lasts, and if your skin has any strange affects. 

Moral of the story? DO do a makeup trial (yes i said do-do!) .  BEST decision I ever made.  You want to feel like YOU on your wedding day.  Just a prettier done-up you. (Without being too overdone- ya dig?)


  1. Wow! I can't believe the difference! I only had one trial! Lol .I'm glad it worked out for you! Your going to make a beautiful bride!

  2. Love look #2! Good for you for not stopping until you were happy! Xo

  3. Loving trial #3, glamorous yet natural! So glad you didn't settle and kept going back until they achieved your ideal look :)

  4. Love your #2 look, you picked the right girl! I think you looked gorgeous in the first shots too, but the second were definitely more natural.

  5. I think look 3 is my favorite... but they are all gorgeous!


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