Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap

 I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
I am linking up and co-hosting with the fabulous Bella @ Dateless in Dallas!

The weather all last week was absolutely ridiculously hot-- like miserable hot.
It didn't even feel like California anymore.  When the sun finally went down on Thursday evening it felt so nice outside.  I ended up sitting on my patio and enjoying it!

On my drive home from work Friday evening, my car said it was 104 degrees after 4 pm, and then jumped to 106 within minutes!  It was literally insane.

My girlfriend and I went to sushi on Wednesday night, and thankfully the sun went down by the time I got there because I was melting.

Friday Night- The fiance and I went out to have some appetizers and watch the Ducks/Kings game with some good friends of ours. After the game we went home and snuggled with our fur babies and watched his favorite show- Criminal Minds.  We literally have nights that we watch at least 5 episodes in a row.  It's so addicting!

Saturday- Was the day I got to pick up my dress from getting fitted! I was so excited to try it on again and really feel like everything is coming together perfectly.  My mom had to video tape how she did the bustle and how she tied the back of my dress.  Thank goodness she took a video because that ish would confuse the crap outta me! (Aint nobody got time for dat!)

After we picked my dress up we went to lunch of course! (That is our favorite thing to plan!) 
We went to CPK because it was right inside the mall and we were planning on shopping to look for a rehearsal dinner dress for myself, and to start browsing for some flower girl and ring bearer gifts.

 Sunday was absolutely perfect weather.  We met with our officiant in the morning to discuss final details, and I came home to relax by the pool for a few hours. As you can see pictured, my cute pup with his "Hidden Mickey" ears on his back.  My dad and I went to a home expo showroom to look over some granite and to see what they had to offer.

 I received my Carabox from my sweet partner Ashley!
I love all my goodies!
The theme was Hometown, so she added items that represent her hometown of Connecticut!
From BBQ chips, to pomegranite chocolates to some washi tape, wine, chapstick, and she included some chevron (because thats my fav pattern!) She even included cute dog toys for my two fur babies!  Such a sweet gesture!

Later that evening was the Tim McGraw concert.  We had amazing seats and VIP tickets!
It was so much fun, but we didn't get home till super late, and me +no sleep = a mess.  
I had to work that next day which was very rough on 3/4 hours of sleep. 


  1. How funnn!!!!!! You two are so darn cute! :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I LOVE Tim McGraw and even better that you had great seats!

  3. You are just to darn cute!! Looks like a super fun weekend!


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