Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIY Captoe Shoes

I have been very into this whole "Cap-Toe" look lately. So I went to the mall to check them out in person and try a few styles on only coming to find out they ran a little too expensive for being a "trend."  And That my friends is my problem with super trendy things: It's a trend. Simple as that.  So while it may be all the rage right now, it might not be next month.  So I don't feel like wasting over $80 on something I will be over in the next few months.

via google

Chanel Cap Toe Heels via google

So I opted out for a better, more affordable way to win this trend battle and make them myself!  You can reuse an old pair of flats or heels, or you can purchase an inexpensive pair.

Here's how to create your own
You will need:

- A Pair of flats or heels.
-Modge Podge/ or Spray Paint (Depending on if you want glitter or paint)
-Clear Coat Spray Paint

 Step 1: Tape off shoes

 Step 2: Mix Glitter and Mod Podge in a cup or container

 Step 3: Stir mod podge and glitter and paint across shoe.  ( Note: I had to use many layers to get full coverage)

 Step 4: Peel tape off after it is completely dry, pull at an angle to make sure it creates a straight line  { please excuse my chipped nail polish.. I am in need of a manicure }

 Step 5: Show off your new captoe shoes

What do you think? Will you try to make your own Cap Toe Shoes? What are your favorite trends right now?



  1. Love how they turned out! I tried this out with a pair of heels - was such a fun project :)

  2. How funny! Can't believe you did them too...actually I can- that's the blog world for you! :) Yours are so cute. Can't wait to wear mine out more. Glad to have found your blog.

  3. Love these! Especially the glitter :)
    Elizabeth @

  4. What a cute idea. There's such a great satisfaction that comes with doing something yourself!


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