Friday, October 5, 2012

Gold Chain Bracelet.. on its way to me!

This Beauty is on its way to me.
Purchased from T + J Designs.
 $15 plus $5 shipping, and for signing up on their website I received $10 off bringing my total price to $10! That's RAD!
I am in love with their jewelry! Seriously, Check it out!!

Plus Gold Thick Chain Bracelets are so in right now. I can't wait till it comes in!  Also you can check out T + J Designs blog here


I will post photos when I receive my beautiful bracelet! Stay tuned!

xoxo Lisa

P.S. What are your weekend plans? I'm heading to Pismo Beach for the weekend to support my boyfriends 12U Baseball Teams tournament. So I'm excited to relax and getaway for the weekend =)

Also, Scribble-n-Dash is having a giveaway! Coffee Cozie's, along with the mug as well as some Starbucks coffee!! Click here to enter giveaway


  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for checking out my blog! I love T+J Designs as well. All of their jewelry is super cute! I will post some more of my smoothie recipes in the future, so check back!

  2. Cute blog! I love all your DIYs! And that bracelet is gorgeous:)


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