Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wedding Planning: and What I Have Accomplished

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Wedding Season is upon us, and this year so far I have 4-5 weddings I am attending, one of which I am a bridesmaid! I have been helping one of my girlfriends make some things for her wedding coming this August.  It has been a stressful few months but once everything comes together it will be perfect!  Additionally, I have been piecing together bits and parts of my own wedding and have a few floral appointments this week! So excited to check things off my checklist!

Here are the centerpieces my gf made for her wedding.  Loving these manzanita trees! We bought the trees from LA for $10-12 per tree.  Since shes only using them every other table, she only needed 5 trees.  They turned out super cute! She spray painted and glittered them, added rhinestones on the bases, put rocks in the square and added candles! Super adorable and inexpensive considering these trees run up to $50 per tree if you get from a florist!  (P.S. if you are interested in buying them, let me know!)

Here are the DIY fans she made that also double as a wedding program! Super cute!

We have also made cute sandals for the guests to wear so they can dance!
 Ill upload more photos later!

On another note, semi-off topic, here is the dance floor vinyl
 I designed for my gfs wedding last year!

Oh yea, check out that dance-floor, center of attention! 
 I feel the need to have some bragging rights! Haha! Totally harmless!
Who doesn't love the dance floor?  That's the best part!!  
( Me pictured on the left- awkward angle!) 

And for what I have accomplished for my own wedding so far 
{ Praise the Lord }:

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  1. Nice post! I gonna have a wedding very soon, so nervous

  2. Thanks for sharing some wedding ideas! I am also getting married though it isn't till October. But, it will be in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico so no worrying about the cold!



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