Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Engagement Photos {2}

Linking up this Wednesday to share my other set of engagement photos! If you missed last weeks first set and my terrible experience, you can catch up here.  This time around, we had a much better experience.

My talented friend Jewel from Airbrushed Brides creatively did my airbrush makeup and my hair.  She did a fantastic job and I recommend you book her if you live in the OC area!

Ok enough about me blabbing (You can tell I am so much happier about these photos and my experience than I was with my first set)  
Here are some of my favorites from our outdoor shoot!

Ok, I had to add this, because I think it's hilarious.  It reminds me of "American Gothic," the famous painting of the farm couple and a pitchfork.

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You are all so amazing and I am so grateful!

NC Belle in Boots

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! And isn't airbrush makeup the best? If only I could get it done on a regular basis :-P

  2. You are SO adorable sweet girl! I am in LOVE with all of these engagement photos and know they mean so much to you and your precious man :) PS...your blog is a daily read of mine and I love it! So happy to have found your blog!!

  3. Your engagement pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!! Love your dress and the boots look awesome with it =)

  4. these are super cute, love your outfits and we did the American Gothic photo as a joke.

  5. These are goreous! I love the color choices and the scenery!

  6. This pictures are beautiful! I love it all--the dress, your hair, the lighting, and you can see how happy you guys are. Congrats!

  7. They turned out BEAUTIFUL! Your makeup is flawless and the outfits and colors you chose are perfect!

  8. These pictures are breathtakingly gorgeous! We did our engagement shoot on the beach and I loved it, but I've always wanted to do a woodsy country themed shoot like this one!

  9. They came out absolutely gorgeous! My fiance wore a plaid shirt & boots in ours too, gotta love them country boys!

  10. Gorgeous photoshoot!!
    I love the picture that remind you of "American Gothic". Haha.
    You two are adorable together. Between the cowgirl boots and his flannel...<3


  11. Gorgeous photo's! Happy to be a new follower!

  12. These are amazing photos and the colors really pop!!

  13. They turned out so nice!!! Bummer you had to have a bad experience the first go round though!

  14. Your photos are amazing :) So bright and cheerful!

  15. Such cute photos! Engagement pictures are so fun! Love it :)


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