Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Engagement Photos {1}

We had an interesting experience with our "first" professional photo shoot.  It all started one rainy Wednesday morning, I had woken up to shower and head over to get my makeup and hair professionally done.  Let's just say, I had a horrible experience.   MY makeup looked awful, and my hair practically fell out because it was raining outside. (Of course it was the ONLY day it rained that week..figures)  

You can take a look  at my awful makeup here.  (If you promise not to laugh)

 After my makeup and hair were done, I head home to quickly fix my horrific makeup and pick up my fiance so we could head to what was supposed to be our "outdoor" shoot.  Things didn't turn out as expected because of the rain, and my photographer called to tell me we have to do the photo shoot indoors.  My heart dropped.  All of this planning, all my visions of the perfect photo shoot were gone.
I began to freak out.  I even cried a little, but since I hated my makeup I no longer cared.   He told me the studio in which we were to shoot was full until later that day which means we had to wait Longer.  It really felt like a day of waiting around.

Finally when it was time to head to the studio, the waiting didn't end here.  We arrived with no sign of our photographer.  He called ten minutes later and his wife had gotten in an accident and he had to pick her up and take her home.   Not to mention the traffic was horrific because no one knows how to drive in the rain.  Luckily she was ok, and everyone was safe.  So we waited some more, and thankfully he showed up safely and we began taking our photos.  Here are a few photos from our first photo shoot:

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  1. Ugh, so sorry they didn't turn out the way you wanted! I got my hair blown out the day of my engagement pictures and did noooot like it at all. I was so bummed!

  2. These are still so precious! You look SOOOO happy!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. IN LOVE! These are so so sweet! Such an exciting time :D

  4. LOVE these pictures!!! So beautiful!!

  5. Oh man, that really all around doesn't sound like the greatest experience!

  6. Y'all still look adorable but that sucks you had such a bad experience. I hate that for you! I do think the outdoor photos give so much more of a realistic look as opposed to the blank background. But you look gorgeous!


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