Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

Showered With Design

Time for that weekend recap! Linking up with the lovely Bella from Dateless in Dallas today! I hate when weekends feel like they go by so fast!  I still believe we should get one more day off! Just one! and work 4 days out of the week. Who's with me!? 

Well Thursday night my fiance told me he'd take me out to dinner Friday.  So I'm thinking something casual, laid back.  He sends me a text Friday during work and tells me reservations are at 8:15.  So I'm thinking.. reservations?!  We never make reservations.. ever.. we just go with the flow.  So since he said reservations, I really started to think, "Man, what could it be? Where could he be taking me?"

Ruth's Chris!!!!?? OHHH.. EEMMM... GEEEE .. I just died.  This is a no-brainer!  That is my all-time favorite restaurant. Of course I chose Ruth's Chris.. Duh.
So of course I had to have a fabulous, classy outfit.  We haven't gone out to "nice" dinner in a while. Like since my Birthday while.. back in November.  He was so sweet for doing this out of the blue.  I love "just because" gifts.  And this Ruth's Chris dinner was the perfect gift.

The deets above: Juicy Couture bracelet, Michael Kors Watch, and Gold Chain-link bracelet.

Dinner was amazing, beautiful, and romantic. Thanks fiance! xoxo

So Saturday, we had our second cake tasting appointment.  This appointment was at 10 am!  10 am for cake??  Yep. Talk about a stomach ache and a sugar rush to start your day.
Our experience was so much better than our first.  The service, the cake, everything about this place was perfection, except the whole 10 am part.

& We officially have our Wedding Cake Maker! Whoop whoop! 

We spent the rest of our Saturday getting things done.  First, we went to a nursery to pick out flowers to put around the pool for my upcoming Bridal Shower.

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Aren't they pretty?! I love the purple!!

Then we went shopping for my gfs baby shower for Sunday.   My fiance and I went to look for Tuxedos for our wedding, and thankfully we found some that are just perfect!
I snuck a photo of the fiance getting measured.  haha Shhh don't tell him.

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That evening, I went to the store, and made us a delicious dinner, and we took it easy Saturday Night by watching Bad Grandpa from Redbox.

Sunday was my friends baby shower.  She is so cute pregnant, some people are all belly! I can only hope I'll be that way! I only have a few photos, so I'll upload more later!
It was a fun shower, and I won a game!! $15 Starbucks Gift Card-  Perfect for me!

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And then, later that day, I get this text:


  1. Ruth's Chris sounds AMAZING! Such a sweet thing for him to do for date night :)

  2. Love it! This is my first link up with you and my first time on your blog as well. So glad I found you!

  3. Sounds like you had some good eating this weekend!! :)

  4. Um yes Ruth's Chris is the BEST steakhouse. So jealous!!

  5. That was so nice of him! Those are the best dates!

  6. Love your outfits! Glad you got a date night. They are even harder to come by once you have kids. So that's fantastic you got some good company and delish food!

  7. What an awesome weekend! Cake tasting in the morning would be a little overwhelming! Lol! Glad you had a good experience though! I've heard great things of Ruth Chris' but I've never been there! How sweet of your man to surprise you and take you out! :)

  8. Love your arm party! Michael Kors is the best :) Ruth Chris!! I've never been, but I hear it's nice. Yay for a romantic dinner :)


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