Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Recap & Giveaway

It's that time again for another weekend recap hosted by the lovely Bella from Dateless in Dallas and myself.  I can't believe it's already February.  What happened to January it flew by!  Whew! Anyways... I'd say I had a pretty mellow weekend, yet I accomplished alot. Welpppp here it goes:

Friday night: After work I started packing up some boxes since we are in the process of moving again.  Our living room is literally filled with boxes.  It's a joke.  Anyways, the fiance came home from work and we went out to a fun restaurant nearby called Cafe Tu Tu Tango.  It's very artsy and has mostly appetizers but so yummy and a great experience.

Saturday day: I went out to lunch with my mom to a restaurant that is kind of like an old school hippy type look but serves healthy food.  Everything they have is yummy, I went with the BBQ chicken wrap made with a whole tortilla and my mom ordered the broccoli cheddar crepe.  I tried a bite of hers and it was really good and heartwarming.  After lunch I went back to my parents house to finish painting my card box for my wedding.  Later that afternoon I went with my mom to look at some mother of the bride dresses and then headed home to get ready for the evening.

Saturday Night: The plans we originally had changed, and we ended up making it an early night.  We went to our local TGI Fridays for a late dinner (and I had an $8 coupon, why not go?) then we headed home.  We are so cool we were in bed by 10, and on our phones playing Candy Crush.  That's how you know we are getting old, right? Oh and I had a photo shoot with my dogs.. yep that happened.

Sunday: We woke up early to look at storage units for the majority of our household items.  We finally found one that fit our needs and went out to breakfast after.  Around 2 we went to our friends for Superbowl and I ended up winning the first quarter and second quarter bets and my fiance won too!  Talk about a good pair right thuuurrr!  I didn't even watch the game, who are we kidding.. I was there for the food .. duh..  After the game my fiance and our friends played poker and my fiance ended up winning that too.  I'd say we had a good night! We should have gone to Vegas!
I also brought home some bridal shower decorations my friend made for my upcoming bridal shower!  & this Tuesday I have my cake tasting appointment! Yay! 

Is it sad that the majority of my weekend was planned around food?  Wow I am so lame. Literally anytime I plan to go to the mall or for an outing the first question 
out of my mouth is, "what should we get for lunch/dinner?"

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  1. I'm hungry after reading this post :-P

    So much yummy food!

  2. I love the food and sangria at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. We have one here in Florida as much fun!


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