Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bride-To-Be Q&A with Amy

I am so excited so many past Brides and future Bride-To-Be's have contacted me for my Wedding Q&A Series.  I am so honored so many people are enjoying this as much as I am!
Today I have Amy @ The Little Things stopping by with her Q&A.  She is a Bride-to-be who was raised in Texas and now living in Louisiana.  It's so fun to see other fellow Bride-to-be's in the planning process!  I love seeing how planning is different amongst others and seeing what they are going through too! 

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I loved reading Amy's answers, and about her Honeymoon! How crazy that it's a surprise! I can't wait to hear what they are going to do this summer!  It's also funny how you think you won't like something until you try it!  I remember shopping for dresses and I didn't like anything on the hangers, but still told my consultant I wanted to try something on!  I ended up falling in love with a dress and had to try it on 3 times!  
 Thanks again Amy for being a part of my wedding series. 

The Little Things

Amy @ The Little Things

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  1. I LOVE IT!! Thanks for letting me be apart of your blog! You are so pretty and seem awesome! Hope we can link up again soon :)

  2. It was the same way shopping for my wedding dress! It was the last one I tried on, my mother in law picked it out, and my sister in law and I were snickering at it in the dressing room putting it on...I walked out...and it was the one.

  3. i loved this. I loved that her step mom picked her dress out and that the groom and his mom are in charge of the honeymoon and that she doesnt know anything. that's special and romantic


  4. I can't imagine not knowing where I was going for my honeymoon! That is so cool/nerve wrecking/exciting! Lol. I can't imagine planning a wedding that was in another state! I had a hard enough time planning ours that was 2 hours away! :)

  5. Yeah so fun I stumbled on your blog! As a newly engaged Miss of her I'm excited to follow along :-)

  6. So so cool about the honeymoon :)

  7. Love love love this! I'd love to link up with this. champagneandsuburbs.blogspot.com!

    Thanks! :)

  8. Such a great idea and I would love to link up! I got married last summer and mentally relive it every day :-)


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