Thursday, April 3, 2014

100 Day Countdown

What I've accomplished/booked:
✔ Coordinator
✔ Dress ordered ( I received Nov 9!!)
✔ Venue
✔ Flowers
✔ Registered
✔ Ring bearer pillow / flower basket  (Etsy)
✔ Sand ceremony set
✔ Hair stylist
✔ Officiant
✔ Honeymoon booked  (Need flight + Hotel)
✔ Photographer / engagement photos
✔ Invitations
✔ DJ / lighting
✔ Photobooth
✔ Guestlist finalization (sorda.. this never ends)
✔ Bachelorette booked
✔ Ordered Save the Dates and Sent out (Dec 3rd)
Bridesmaids need to get dresses altered.

✔ Wedding bands
✔ Shoes!
Cake tasting/ and Cake booked!
✔Took dress in for alterations (Pick up in May) 
✔ Groomsman attire + ordered 

To have bridal shower- 2 days!
❑Send invitations (End april/Beginning of May)
❑ Jewelry

Bachelorette Party (April 18-21!)
❑ Flight for Honeymoon + Hotel
Flower girl attire/ring bearer
❑ Garter (Bought Toss Garter)
❑ Menu Tasting
❑ Find Makeup artist (already had bad experience with one- Trial for new is April!)
❑ Need to make gifts for bridesmaids/groomsman
❑ Wedding license (May/June)
❑ Plan Rehearsal/ dinner
Finish card box (almost done!!!)

 Crazy, the list keeps getting shorter and shorter!  I love crossing things off! It really is THE best feeling!  Wedding planning is fun and I know I am going to miss it, but it is stressful at times.  Phew!



  1. Almost into double digits!! The fun really starts when the RSVP's start coming back!! :)

  2. Is your bridal shower this weekend? Hope you have a blast!

  3. Awww! Yayay! My bridal shower was on Sunday! So much fun! Also yay for knocking stuff off the list. I'm doing the same thing!!! IT feels great to have one less thing to worry about!

  4. congrats on 100 days! it'll be here SO soon :)

  5. I love the 100 day mark! I also love crossing things off a list! Enjoy your shower this weekend! Can't wait to read about it next week! xo

  6. How exciting! Enjoy the next 100 days! Well probably less now that I'm reading this! Lol :)


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