Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Recap

So sad it is already Monday.  Why does it seem like the weekends go by so fast! 
Well, I hope you all had a good weekend.  I am co-hosting with Bella from Dateless in Dallas for our Weekend Recap (Posted every Monday)!

Showered With Design

I really didn't have an exciting weekend.  My parents and fiance were all out of town.  I was extremely excited to have the house to myself, relax, layout, bbq, spa..  like my own date night with myself.  Of course it didn't go as planned.  
Earlier that day (Friday), I asked my fiance if he could take the steak for the kabobs out of the freezer so they could defrost while I was at work.. he forgot to do that.
Then, I was trying to use my computer to get alot of blogger stuff done, and guess what doesn't work.  The internet.After being extremely irritated, I was craving a Corona.  Went to go grab one out of the fridge, and we didn't have any left.  I was so heartbroken I grabbed a Bud light, grabbed some white rice out of the cupboard and ate outside pouting like a 2 year old. I know I could have easily gone out to grab food, but I was so excited to just be at home. I was so unmotivated after this little mishap I ended up showering and watching TV with my dogs.
I know... exciting right?

Saturday I needed to get out of the house.  I was driving myself insane.  I called up a friend and ran some errands and also went to the mall to get some fun stuff for my bachelorette cruise this upcoming weekend.  Super excited! I need a vaca!  Then I called up another friend to BBQ some kabobs (since I was craving them after not having them Friday!) 

We had steak kabobs, Coronas (yep, I needed them!), watched the Angel game on TV, and listened to music.  It was much needed!  

Sunday I decided I would clean up, do laundry, lay outside and get things done.  My aunt and cousin stopped by to drop something off and we had a nice little visit.  Very lazy yet productive day!

Also doing a linkup with Momfessionals, for "What's on...." today the prompt is "What's On Your DVR."
Gosh, what did we do in our lives without DVR? Especially when shows are on so late at night, there's no way I can stay up to watch them and feel sane at work the next day.

What's on MY DVR:
Pretty Little Liars
Modern Family
Big Bang Theory


  1. I feel like every time I get a moment to myself these days my plans never work out. I guess it teaches me to go with the flow a bit more. lol!
    Those kabobs look delish! I think I am adding that to my menu this week :)
    And seriously jealous of your high temps! It is supposed to snow tomorrow :(

  2. Glad you finally got your Coronas they're just spring/summer in a bottle :)

  3. girl, sometimes you gotta drink a beer and pout it out. no shame in that game ;)

  4. Bachelorette cruise!?! So fun! And totally jealous!

  5. Just saw your DVR picks....I love that we watch the same shows :) I just watch them so fast they are never on the DVR. lol!


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