Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Bachelorette Party Weekend

I finally got it together to write about my Bachelorette Party Weekend (April 18-21, 2014)
My bridesmaids and myself decided we wanted to do something a little different for my Bachelorette party, so we opted to take a 3-night Cruise to Ensenada.

**Warning- viewer discretion is advised** 

Our cruise took off around 5pm on Friday evening, however, we got on board around 1pm so we could get our stuff situated, and explore the ship! (And of course get this party started!!)  We each wore our bridal party tanks that I made for everyone. We started drinking as soon as we arrived of course!  We also snuck on vodka (in Listerine bottles), sweet tea vodka (really good with lemonade) in a screw off wine bottle, and champagne in each carry on.  We meant business.

We went to dinner in the dining room that night, and then went to the club to get our party on!  There was a bachelor party that was also partying that weekend, and they ended up not being creepers, so we hung out with most of them a lot.  A few of them were married too, so it was great to hang out with people who weren't looking to hook up.  Score in my book.

Keeping it classy.. one day at a time

MY girl Marissa

Probably my fav photo!

First din din on the ship
Bad shot hahah! my face!

Saturday we arrived in Ensenada and the weather was gorgeous.  We decided not to get off the boat, and stayed lounging in the sun all day on board! We had a delicious breakfast outside, and sipped cocktails all day!  We toured the boat and had some photos taken by a hilarious man, who told us his wife was napping but she was looking for us!  We went to wake her up and took photos with her!  IT was hilarious! 
 We had dinner in the dining room, and it was formal night.  I had the delicious lobster!  After dinner, a few of the girls changed into some more casual clothes, and they had a great band in front of one of the bars.  We decided to listen to the music and take some shots at the bar.  My girlfriend was extremely drunk and was twerking and dancing on the old people.  It was so funny to watch, and  we noticed a few ladies that were sitting watching the band, were shaking their heads at my friend.  I died laughing.   She ended up taking a shot at the bar and let's just say it came right back up into the glass, and then spilled all over behind the bar. The bartender squealed and we got out of there as quickly as possible.  I couldn't stop laughing.  It was a shit-show, and I'm just glad it wasn't me! haha!

My twerking girlfriend

We went to the club shortly after and got our dance on.  This night was much busier in the club and man did we have fun!  My friend got me a blowjob shot, because she had never seen one before.  I showed her how it's done! haha.
Also, small world.  There was a guy there who knew an old friend of mine!  RAnDom!
It really is a small world.  Also we got a photo with Jordan Hill (Lakers player) I think my gf has the photo on her camera, will post that later!

My bestie and MOH!




This is the bar my gf barfed at...  shortly after this photo (also, she is not pictured.. shes the one twerking in above photo- haha)

Sunday was our day at sea, the weather was pretty overcast so we stayed in our casual dresses most of the day.  We had breakfast outside, bloody Mary's and they had some entertainment by the pool.  My girlfriend got on stage and danced!  We still stayed out near the pool bar, and took way too many shots.  My girlfriend had the worst blister on her foot, and one of the guys was nice enough to buy her some bandaids.  Ok so this is the funniest part, he also went to buy neosporin to put of her blister, but they didn't have any and the guy selling it said that Preparation H would work just fine.  When he came back with it, I died laughing thinking it was a joke.  I thought my girlfriend went to the bathroom so I ran in there with the Preparation H in hand, only to find out she wasn't in there.  Talk about embarrassing!  All the blank stares from the girls in the bathroom , and me holding Preparation H!   I about died right there! The bachelor party invited us to have dinner with them in the dining room, and we were planning on making it in time, but there was some minor drama with a few of the girls (when isn't there drama with girls), so we didn't make it to have dinner with them.  Instead, we just went to our own dinner in the dining room.   Went to the club again that night, but we were so over drinking we told ourselves we would just "act" drunk.  Plan worked perfectly.  



Cesspool spa (I didn't go in, but look how CROWDED)

Monday-We ended up only getting 3 hours of sleep(and a total of 6 hours of sleep the whole weekend), and accidentally woke up late.  Thankfully someone knocked on our door.  We had to hurry off the ship, because my girlfriend had work really early and had to drive back to my house to get her car.  With only 6 hours of sleep in 3.5 days, I was beat.  I lost my voice too.  MY best friend and I layed out and took a nap by my pool, until I had to take her to her Uncles so he could take her to the airport.  I then was able to rinse off, and nap a few hours until my cousins and aunt came over because they wanted to take us to dinner.   After dinner, I came home and crashed.  Work was very rough that following week.


  1. Looks like!!! LOooooooove cruising! I'm sure you girls had a blast and are still recovering ;-)

  2. Sounds like it was a weekend to remember - and lots of pictures that will help with that!! Glad you had the best time on your bachelorette party!

  3. It looks like you had a blast. That would be so much fun to go on a a short cruise.

  4. What a fun bachelorette! You look gorgeous in all the photos! Hope you've recovered from the trip! lol

  5. Bahahahahhaha! I freakin' love it! It looks like a riot! What an awesome bachelorette party! Glad you had such a great time! I'm sure the guys on the ship were loving all you pretty ladies! Lol

  6. Girl what a fun bachelorette! Sounds like you girls were the life of the ship! xo

  7. Sooo fun! I love those tanks! And your suit is super cute!

  8. We're in the process of trying to figure out a bachelorette party for a friend. The cruise looks so much fun!!

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