Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hope in a Blog- Honeymoon Packing Tips

Hello, hello my name is Hope from Hope in a Blog and  I am taking over Miss Lisa's blog today as she is busy getting married and honeymooning.  As a recent wife myself, (May 31, 2014!) I am totally a bit jealous of Lisa's wedding and honeymoon bliss - I want to do it all over again. Anyway,  if you're about to be wed and then honeymoon bound and heading somewhere warm, packing is of the essence! Seriously! My husband and I spent a glorious 10ish days in Greece after we got married and it was absolutely perfect. One thing that I did learn, I over-packed! So below I have listed some little tidbits I learned about packing for a honeymoon, once my honeymoon was over.

  1. Bathing Suits. You don't need twenty five. Just pick your solid favorites + hang dry them whenever you are done wearing them. Let's face it, you're totally going to wear your favorite bathing suit more than once...right?!
  2. Heels. Never wore them. Not once. Now, that could have been the cobblestone and hills that made up the Greek Isles but, it was nice to wear pretty sandals. If you're going to be walking around uneven sidewalks and/or sand- ditch the heels. Bring your favorite pair of wedges and a lot of pretty sandals and you are good to go.
  3. Sweaters. BRING THEM! It may be blasted hot during the day time but that little bit of sunburn paired with sundown might just cool you down more than you like. Bring wraps, light sweaters, and scarves. Accessorize, ladies ;)! 
  4. Meds. Spyros + I brought Tylenol, Benadryl, and Zyrtec on our trip. It all came in handy. We didn't however pack anything for a cold and of course Spyros woke up quite stuffy one day (bad luck, I guess?) so we ventured down to the Greek markets and got him some cold medicine. Let's just say we hope that it was FDA approved...!
  5. Hats. I bought a cute little fedora at Nordstrom as an impulse buy before we left for Greece and I wore it every single day. Kept my scalp from getting burned and my face away from too much sun, plus I felt super trendy. Bring a baseball cap for your hubby too!
  6. Waterproof or ziploc bags to hold wet swimsuits - just in case one isn't completely dry before you have to pack up.
  7. Sunscreen - if you're checking a bag - pop your favorite sunscreen in, it's much cheaper to buy it at a drugstore than at the hotel resort you'll be staying in.
  8. Your chargers!!! Seriously. Don't forget those for your phone or camera!
  9. What I wish we had packed is something to make our phones waterproof - that way we could have jumped in the sea and snapped pics. 
  10. Did you get any fancy lingerie from your bridal showers or bachelorette parties? Pack it ladies, it's your honeymoon!!!! 
:: Also...don't forget to bring your selfie arm because that's what honeymoons are all about! ::
And those are my tried + true honeymoon packing tips, ladies. Now...pack me and my hubby in your suitcase?! Thanks! Xx.

Thanks so much Hope for helping me out while I currently am on-board a Southern Caribbean cruise ship.  Hope, you are so right! I always pack a million and one swim suits and only end up using 5 of them!  I need to stop buying swim suits..   Yeahhhh like that'll ever happen!    As of today we are docking in Antigua (St. Johns)! Tomorrow we hit St. Lucia!  I am so excited! Hope you are all having a fabulous July since I will be absent for most of it!! xoxo

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  1. Hahahha your selfie arm. Love this post, especially since I get to take my honeymoon in a week and a half!


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