Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Budget Lists: Guest Post

Hope you are all having a great week so far! While I am honeymooning with my boo, Merrissa was kind enough to guest post for me!  Take it away... 

Hello Everyone! I’m Merrissa and I blog over at Rad Maverix. Before we dive in to today’s post how about I tell you a little about myself?

· Oklahomie

· Banker by day; dog-mom to 3 (very) spoiled Mini Aussies by night.

· Sarcasm is my love language.

· In the process of starting up a tees & tank shop for the rad & young at heart.

· Former PETA member now practically married to a cowboy/rancher who spends most of his time on the Rodeo trail (He’s a Team Roper for any of you that might follow the sport of Rodeo).

· My mom is my best friend & we are dangerous together!

· Currently remodeling our 1940s ranch-style home. (This project is never-ending.)

· Hopeless romantic & lover of vodka-water and wine.

· Cowboy—err cowgirl—boot hoarder.

· List-maker and felt-tipped pen enthusiast.

I wanted to write a really intense & intriguing article related to weddings since, you know, this is Miss Lisa’s Wedding Month (Congratulations!!!). But let’s face it, I’ve never been married, or engaged, and I wouldn’t even know the first place to begin! So that’s why I’ve put together two printables, a to-do list & matching budget worksheet, designed by yours truly.

I love lists…here are a few reasons why:

1. The tasks that need my attention are centralized to one location. If it’s not in front of me I will forget to do it, every damn time.

2. It brings so-called order to chaos. Lists help me organize what otherwise seems overwhelming.

3. The satisfaction of crossing off a task I have completed. Sometimes when I’m rewriting a To-Do list I will write a task I have already completed just for the satisfaction of crossing it off my list. Don’t judge.

4. Obviously, it helps me remember to do things that are pertinent and it shows me what I have already accomplished.

5. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Lists are normally not infinite; therefore they don’t go on and on and on…

6. Lists help me from hopping on the procrastination train. Helps keep my head on straight and allows me to tackle the work one aspect at a time.

7. I like to feel productive. Refer to #3.

(The info on the Budget Sheet was extracted from



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