Thursday, July 3, 2014

Weather Stalking + What To Pack For The Perfect Honeymoon

I am probably not the first or the last bride to stalk the weather for my upcoming wedding. {9 days and counting!-- down to single digits bayyybayyy!!)

I literally have been stalking the weather reports every day for updates on any changes in the condition.  This July so far has been  pretty gloomy in the morning and burns off by late afternoon.  Which means I am hoping we are in luck because our wedding doesn't start until 5:30. As long as the weather stays between the 75-8- mark I am golden!  Because then I won't be drenched in sweat.. (don't forget I have a long dress on !) And the guests will be comfortable.  As of right now the temperature is staying around 72 degrees, and of course that will change (as it always does).   So I am hoping for picture perfect weather :)

One can only hope... 

On another note, our Honeymoon is just a few short weeks away! And boy do I have some amazing deals and ideas for your upcoming trips this summer! AND If you aren't planning any trips, these ideas would be fantastic poolside as well. *cocktails optional*

So I get a text yesterday from the Fi (aka: fiance) saying, 
"Hurricanes in the Caribbean right now."  
Are you flipping kidding me?

First I am worried about having perfect wedding weather and now I have to worry about our Honeymoon cruise too?  I mean we are going to be in the middle of the water.
There is no escaping that.

Here are some great finds (courtesy of Groopdealz) that will be sure to make your next vacation (even if it is just poolside) perfection!

Pool mats:

Multi style headbands (to keep that sweat off your face!):

Underwater phone case (uhhh YES please!):


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