Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Facebook, Say Whaaaa?

After many months of debating whether or not to make a Facebook Page for my blog, I finally did it.  & I'd like to thank Helene.. because well... I read her post about why you need to make a page, and that pushed me to actually do something about it.  So thanks girl!

So please, be a doll and go like my page here.
Do it.. You KNOW you want to.

It's still a work in progress but hey.. ya gotta start somewhere, am I right?




  1. I read her post yesterday and was like why didn't I do that yet? I am going to get started on mine tonight after work (:

  2. Super cool!! I am trying to "grow" my blog and this might be a great idea. AWESOME!! New follower here. http://secondchances-ash.blogspot.com

  3. Done! Love your blog...beautiful pictures. I also love doing weekend recaps and will definitely have to link up now! :)

  4. Liked! Love your blog! I'm torn about facebook, looks like I need to hop over to Helene's and read about it


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