Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our Home : Before & After as of lately

After being granted the keys to our beautiful new home, I knew I wanted to repaint it before we moved any furniture in.  The paint that was originally there wasn't terrible, but it didn't have a nice flow like I wanted it to-- That and the fact that they used an eggshell finish on the entire house-- not ok.   The hubby didn't like the fact that I wanted to make everything a little more neutral because I knew we were eventually going to redo the kitchen counter tops, get a new couch since the old green one has been through some rough college days, get a new living room coffee table and side table, a new washer and dryer, and purchase a new fridge.  Even the walk-in pantry was painted a darker color and it felt like you were walking into a dark hole.     

The hubby and I were also very much in need of some new living room furniture.  We originally had a fabric sectional couch that was very comfortable, but I was always on edge about the color; a musty green.  Not only that, but this couch has been around for the last 8 years, and it was time for a change.

--Sorry couch, it's been real--

  We went to our local Ashley's furniture to get an idea of what we were looking for.  I've always been hesitant of purchasing a leather couch because I have never owned one before, and have always been worried about our two fur pups scratching it.  Let's just say... we are VERY pleased with our purchase and its nice to have new furniture to start our life together in our new home.

The major new things we've added are our new sofa, drapes, side table and coffee table.

 {Some photos taken by First Team Real Estate}

Before: Living Room
{notice the dark mantle}
We got rid of the dark paint on the mantle and fireplace and lightened it up.  We replaced the gold curtains with a maroon-red tone with a pattern, and hung up our wedding photos behind the couch.
After: Living Room

Before: Kitchen
We got rid of the green kitchen paint.
 After: Kitchen

               We added two different tones in the dining room

 Before: Master Bedroom
We decided to have our bed on the left wall to make the room a little larger.
After: Master Bedroom

Before: Master Bathroom
After: Master Bathroom

Before: Patio
We removed the large tree that attracted too many spiders for my liking.  We just planted something beautiful.. I'll photograph soon!

 Before: Bedroom 2
The now.. is really not pretty yet.  beware.

After: Bedroom 2

See how the walls are no longer dark blue?

Before: Bedroom 3 (Our Office)
We got rid of the dark blue/gray  walls in both spare bedrooms, and painted them a neutral color and one wall  was painted a shade darker.  It ended up brightening up the room and making it appear larger.

After: Bedroom 3

desk details

Of course the matching dog bed below

One heck-of-a-mess:  Whew.. I promise we are still unpacking.

Bathroom 2:

Okay, I had to figure out a way to hold extra TP in the downstairs guest bathroom..
Why not throw it in a basket, add some florals and lotions and boom! A way to make TP look cute? Sure.. why not.

Before: Bathroom 3
After: Bathroom 3

And there you have it.  All of the current home photos.  Stay tuned, we will be updating soon!



  1. uhmm...I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!! I kind of really want your house :)

  2. Loooove what you've done with the decorating! So cute! :)

  3. Gorgeous home! Love your kitchen and back patio!


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