Wednesday, October 22, 2014

7.12.14 {The Cake}

I think it's safe to say our cake was stunning and it deserves it's very own post.  We had our cake made from Scrumptious Cakes and not only did it look pretty but it was the best cake I've ever tasted. (And I don't even like cake).  We chose three flavors.  Butterfinger crunch (which is what we chose for the top layer and middle layer), Oreo, and marble. All were outstanding.  We even received compliments about how delicious it was.  It was beautifully decorated by our fabulous florist Jenny B Floral Designs.  We knew we wanted a cascade of flowers on our cake, and a beautiful display of flowers underneath the cake under a glass table top.  My husbands grandfather built the cake box for us, and I painted and rhinestone wrapped it and it sure displayed our cake so beautifully and elegant.  Some of the photos don't even do it justice!

Coordinator: Candice Sanders
Hair & Makeup: Airbrushed Brides
Florist: Jenny B Floral Design
Photographer: Memories by Michael
DJ: Jason Jass - Visions Entertainment
Videographer: Dan - Plug Video
Officiant: Don Johnson
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  1. Your cake was STUNNING!!! I love the flowers cascading down!!! You did a wonderful job with the cake box too!

  2. Wow! Your cake and cake table is beautiful! I love all the flowers on the table and the cake.

  3. Beautiful! I love flower cascades on cakes!

  4. Your cake was gorgeous...and sounds delicious!

  5. it is so beautiful!!

  6. Beautiful cake! I am really picky when it comes to cake (and actually hate it too..) we went the route of making our own, it def wasn't as pretty as yours but at least I could have yellow cake with chocolate frosting (which is the only cake I will eat.)
    Beardy Heart Beauty

  7. Holy moly that is one beautiful cake/flowers/decorations. And that rhinestone box? Get outta here!! Love it all:)

  8. Girl you were the most drop dead gorgeous bride. That cake looks delicious and your wedding colors are beautiful together.

  9. Wow! it's own post, indeed! The glass over flowers for the tabletop is really interesting, and adds to the effect beautifully.

  10. That is hands down the most gorgeous wedding cake I've ever seen, everything about it is perfection <3


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