Wednesday, October 8, 2014

7.12.14 {The Ceremony}

We had a beautiful ceremony location, and the decorations looked fabulous together.
Our ceremony took place at 5:30 PM on Saturday July 12, 2014. 
I had a few moments privately with my dad and he spoke the sweetest words I have ever heard.  I can remember telling him not to make me cry because I didn't have time to have Jewel fix my makeup before he walked me down the aisle.
I love the photos captured of our guests waiting for the ceremony to begin.

The handsome gents awaiting there walk down the aisle..

The best man escorting my beautiful mama

My gorgeous maids

We had the cutest flower girl and ring bearer. 
You can read about how I asked them to be in our wedding here.

 My man just as I began walking down the aisle.
(gahhh.. can you say dear in headlights? That is exactly what the officiant said.. too funny)

Trying to hold back tears

We chose to do a sand ceremony because I wanted to reuse the shadow box containing the sand we poured in on the day of our wedding in our home for decoration while also being a reminder of the best day of my life.

 It was such a beautiful ceremony and I couldn't have asked for anything more amazing.

Coordinator: Candice Sanders
Hair & Makeup: Airbrushed Brides
Florist: Jenny B Floral Design
Photographer: Memories by Michael
DJ: Jason Jass - Visions Entertainment
Videographer: Dan - Plug Video
Officiant: Don Johnson

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  1. Beautiful ceremony! The pictures are gorgeous. Especially the long angle ones (I don't know if that is the right term, but I think you can guess the ones I'm talking about). Just gorgeous!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Looks like y'all had the perfect weather :) Congratulations!

  3. your mom looks fabulous!!! love love love these pix- I'm definitely putting a few of these in my Must Have picture file for my photographer!

  4. so beautiful! I love your color choices, they work so well with the environment your ceremony was in. The rose petals on the side of the aisles are amazing!

  5. Oh my goodness!! What a beautiful ceremony!!!

  6. Gorgeous pics! And I love that he dipped you :)

  7. I am a new follower of yours and absolutely love your blog! I am in the very early stages of planning my wedding and I have absolutely loved reading your posts about yours! I have really enjoyed the Wedding Q & A! I think that is such a cool idea - I thought about doing something like that and getting advice from other bloggers that I follow and read on a daily basis!

  8. Everything is SO beautiful!!

  9. Love the third one up from the bottom! so so so pretty!

  10. Obsessed with the bridesmaids dresses! Yours was beautiful too!

  11. i love how the photographer captured the emotion in the audience too!! beautiful photos. you looked amazing.

  12. uhmm...WOW! sooo your colors were coral and gray? is that what I'm gathering? that's what my colors are too! and I am seriously IN LOVE with your bridesmaids dresses! ahhhh all SO STUNNING!!!

  13. SO beautiful! I get tears in my eyes just looking at the pictures. I am such a sap...haha. I love those dresses, and all the pictures are seriously stunning! What a beautiful ceremony :)

  14. Gorgeous photos!!! What a perfect day!


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