Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I am co-hosting this Weekend Recap with Bella from Dateless in Dallas!
On Friday evening I kept it pretty low-key working on bridal shower crafts, and wedding planning.   My fiance and I went in the spa and had a few beers and kept it low-key.
Saturday I went shopping literally ALL-day with my mom!  We ended up both getting a new bra (Victoria Secret of course) and I received two free panties.  I found my wedding earrings and bracelet! Kate Spade of course!

Btw, I bought a toss garter with a built in flask.  Pure genius if you ask me! 
& I purchased a super cutesy swim suit for the BACHELORETTE cruise in April!

Sunday the girls came over to help finish the final bridal shower details.  We acted very goofy, and took some photos!

After the girls left, my fiance came home from his games, and we went out for pizza and drinks with his team parents!  We had a little too much fun!

Sorry my Weekend Recap this week was so short! 
We really didn't do anything too crazy this week!

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  1. So much crafting!! Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!! :)

  2. Ooo the KS weddingearrings and necklace sound pretty! None of your photos in the post are displaying for me :-(

  3. Those bridal shower crafts look great. I love the pink bottles.

  4. Those Kate Spade earrings are to die for! Love them!

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love the garter with the flask! Genius! :)

  6. Those earrings are so pretty! Looks like a really fun weekend!

  7. It looks like you got tons done, Wedding shopping is a lot of work mentally and physicall :) love the garter, so cute especially with the flask, every bride needs a shot before the big day begins.


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