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Wedding Etiquette Part 2

I wish Wedding Etiquette was something they taught in school. Or better yet, Any Etiquette for that matter.  Planning a wedding can be quite stressful.  It can be even more stressful and frustrating when guests don't understand proper etiquette to begin with.
Here are a few tips one can only hope your guests will already know.  Or if you're lucky, maybe they'll do some research and stumble upon these tips.

One of the most frustrating thing for me about RSVPs is that people don't send them back in a timely manner.  It's highly frustrating because I despise procrastinating, and if I don't know who is coming for sure, I cannot proceed with my seating chart, and my venue does not have an exact head count of guests for food.  Not only does the venue not have a number of guests attending, but this means I do not know how many tables are needed if I do not have an exact head count. ( I could save a few hundred buckaroos using a larger table of 12, versus having a smaller table with only 7-8 seats, which in the long run means I could save on that linen, and centerpiece.)
Which results in my number one rule:

1.  RSVP on time! 
RSVP stands for "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which means "please reply."
Which leads me to my number two rule:

2. Do not write "Please RSVP" on your invitations.

3. Do not bring a guest unless the couple has indicated that you can- 
RSVP for the people that are listed on the invitation’s envelope only.

4.  Make sure to double check that you wrote your name on the RSVP card, legibly.

5. Leave the young kids at home, and enjoy your evening. 
 There is really no need to bring them unless they are in the wedding party.

Day of etiquette is very important.  
Don't stress the bride out anymore than she already is. Especially with the following:

  1. Don’t text or call the bride the day of the wedding explaining your issues or asking questions.
It's ok to text and say a quick "Can't wait, you are going to make a beautiful bride."  Other than that, save it for another date.

2.  The pretty sparkly plates at your place-setting? Those are chargers. They are not to be used as dinner plates. They are for the decor only!

3. Show up on time! 20-25 mins before the ceremony start time.  It's better to wait than to be late!

4.  Don’t come empty handed. Even the smallest gift is appreciated. If you are purchasing a gift, have it sent to the couples home instead of bringing it to the reception. Cards are always nice.

5. Stay out of the aisle during the ceremony!

6. Don't block the photographer to get "your photo." If you show up in the brides photos, she will not be happy about that.

5. Dress appropriately.  This is not Vegas, and it is not your time to "hoe it up."
Also, DO NOT wear white or cream!

6.  Bring sunglasses, a sweater, and if needed an umbrella.  You never know what the weather will be the day of!

1. Please remember that the bride and groom (and/or their parents) are paying for you to eat and drink. The best thing you can do is enjoy it!

2.  The couple wants you to dance and use the photo booth! And eat the candy from the candy bar!  Don't be shy to take the last handful of M&Ms!

3.  Please don’t leave with the centerpieces unless you’re told to do so. The vase is most likely rented and they will get charged a fee if they end up missing.

4. Get to the cocktail hour when it starts, and stay the full time.  Meet other people, socialize, these are the people who will be partying all night.

5. Don’t try to push your way into the reception because you’re ready to sit down. The bride and groom have a cocktail hour for a reason, and there is most likely a plan.  Respect that. It is not YOUR day.

Most of all, ENJOY your time!  This is a celebration of two lives joining together as one.  It is a very special time for the bride, groom and their families.
Also, feel special that you were invited, after all wedding are not cheap by any means, there is a reason you were included on this very special
 moment in their lives.

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  1. Saying hi from the linkup! I soooo agree with the not wearing white/cream to a wedding! I thought I was the only one! These are such good tips!


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