Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding Giveaway To One Lucky Bride

 In honor of us celebrating our upcoming wedding (July 12th!), I would love to introduce today Heidi's Etsy shop called HO JO Jewelry, which features the most adorable jewelry!  Not only does she make amazing jewelry, but it's also VERY affordable!  Lucky for you she has offered to giveaway an adorable flower girl bracelet to one of my lucky followers!

Take a look at what her shop has to offer:
(P.S. this is the bracelet she is giving away)

You can choose from so many different color pearls too! (Which is totally my favorite part, considering I am a crazy person when it comes to matching the exact color!) 
You can buy your entire wedding party bracelets and match on your big day!
Don't forget about the future mother-in law, grandma-in law, and of course your 
own amazing mother!  You can get gifts for everyone in this one stop shop!

She also has a wide selection of fashion jewelry, featuring owls, anchors, hearts, crosses, skulls, hello kitty- the list could go on and on! I know I am going to get the majority of my wedding gifts here plus totally going to shop for Christmas and Birthday gifts here too!

You can follow Heidi's Etsy Shop here, as well as her Twitter and Facebook.
This giveaway will run until July 16th!


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  1. Ok, I had to come to your blog to check out the giveaway, but I can't get over how stunningly beautiful you are! Your picture just blew me away. Gorgeous!

  2. I would probably get the normal "pearl" colored pearls, haha! Cute giveaway Lisa!


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