Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Recap

Congrats to the winner of the Mr. and Mrs. Wooden Wedding Sign: Bernadine!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday morning!  I am co-hosting with Bella from Dateless in Dallas for our Weekend Recap! 

Oh my gosh, so my friend last week sends me this e-mail.  I remember seeing something similar last year around my girlfriends wedding, but people are still doing it:
 Let's just say I promise you will NOT be seeing us do this. Ha!
But enjoy a little laugh this morning!

Last week I took in my dress for its final preparation!  What they do is press your dress to make it look absolutely perfect!  I will pick it up in a few weeks!

Friday evening I worked on some wedding planning. Can you believe our wedding is now only 12 days away!  Insane!  I already started packing for the wedding, getting things put together in boxes, organizing and whatnot.
  It was a very productive Friday for me!  I needed it!

Saturday was my girlfriends baby shower.  I spent the morning cleaning up and organizing my wedding planner so it didn't look like chaos, and then got ready for the day.  Her shower started around 2 pm and I arrived shortly after.  It was such a cute theme--Welcome to the Jungle.  So adorable.  This wasn't any ordinary shower.  It was co-ed so there was a keg of course and plenty of booze.  The best part- she had a taco guy.  Most amazing thing ever!  Always my favorite.  I am pretty sure I consumed about twenty tacos.  So bomb.  We ended up leaving around 10:30.. yea.. have you ever been to a baby shower and stayed over 8 hours? That's what happens when booze is involved.  We went home and crashed.

This was the best photo he took... yea.. whats with guys hating photos?

Sunday I ran some errands with my mom.  We found a guestbook pen and grabbed breakfast.  We also found out the people moved out of our home we just bought-- which means we can move in-- of course after we clean and check it out!  so excited!

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  1. Oh my gosh, that picture! haha! You are so pretty, girl! Love your hair!

  2. My Maid of Honor sent me the picture of the flashing bridesmaids and said she'd have to start doing her squats to prepare. But we won't be doing that either. I mean - what do you do with that picture? Hang it in the bathroom?

    And girl you are BEAUTIFUL! I'm also obsessed with your smile and your teeth are absolutely perfect. Jealous!

  3. Sounds like the best kinda baby shower! And ugh, the butt thing, I just don't get it.


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