Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I am co-hosting with Bella from Dateless in Dallas this morning for our WEEKEND RECAP!  Did anyone else have a difficult time waking up this morning?
I woke up confused, had no idea what day it was, and panicked!  Until I realized it was Monday, then I was very bummed. I still think we should always have 3 day weekends!

So.. Friday night I worked on the guestlist and seating chart.  That is probably the worst task I have dealt with thus far.  Well that, and trying to get all the RSVPs back in a timely manner!  Geesh people! Don't people know etiquette?? Apparently not.
I also worked on designing my girlfriends logo for her esthetician company she is starting. 

Saturday my parents and I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn to head to LA to Jacks Candy Wharehouse to shop for my Candy Bar.  If you've ever done a Candy Bar before, you know how expensive it is.  I researched so many companies online that deliver, but found Jacks through a friend.  IT was soo much cheaper than if we ordered online.  So If you are local to LA, or it's within driving distance, go with Jacks. It's a no brainer!
I mean look at this wharehouse, all stacked and full with candy and goodies!

My mom and I went to a few open houses (I wanted to see how they decorate!)
Hey it's free interior design ideas! What can I say!?

Being goofy in a mirror shot!

Sunday I met up with a girlfriend for a late lunch (duh.. If you know me you know I love lunch)  and to catch up.  It's always so nice catching up.  We discussed my wedding, her new job, and life.
I went home to help her begin her website, and place her logo and all the fun stuff!

How did you spend your weekend?



  1. I remember in grade school, I overheard my teachers talking about the possibility of going from a 2-day weekend to a 3-day weekend. But the "third" day would be on Wednesday. So basically, work &/or school on Mon/Tues, off Wed and work Thurs/Fri. I'm not opposed to that idea!
    Have a great Monday!

  2. Your candy bar hunt sounds super fun! I just checked out the Jack's website and they seem AWESOME :) Are you getting video of all your pre-wedding planning? A few short clips of you doing fun planning stuff would be cool to include in a wedding video


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