Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wedding Giveaway

Who doesn't love giveaways? As soon as I became engaged, I literally signed up for as many giveaways I could find related to our wedding.  
Of course, I have bad luck and never win anything,but hey it's still fun to try! 
 But it is YOUR lucky day, Leslie from Letters by Leslie was kind enough to offer a  
Mr. & Mrs. Wooden Wedding sign to one lucky Bride!
The giveaway will run until June 27th! So make sure to tell all your friends, and blast it on twitter and social media! 


How great is that! I am so jealous, because I have been wanting one of these for myself for quite some time now!  I was secretly hoping to receive one at the bridal shower! Once we move into our new home, I will for sure have to purchase one from her cute shop!  Not only does she have Mr & Mrs signs, but she has so many other sings.  AND you can have one custom made too!

I also am obsessed with this Live Laugh Love sign :

and Welcome sign:

You can also follow her on 


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  1. I'm already married, but would use these as nicknacks.

  2. I would choose either the black or white so I can also place it in my house when the wedding is over. Our wedding date is July 12th!!!!!

  3. Shimmery gold or the Blush Pink would be an awesome addition to the mantel we are decorating for the reception! Our wedding is 10/18/2014!!

  4. I love the blush pink and the wooden one because they would match my theme for our wedding on 10/11/14! So Cute!!

  5. Hey girl, I tried to enter the giveaway but when I come back to the page it erases all of my entries over and over, just wanted to let you know :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I would love blush pink or gold! 10.18.14


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