Friday, December 5, 2014

Five On Friday

Happy Friday! Gosh this week has felt like a LIFETIME since I only worked 3 days the previous week!  Can you believe Christmas is like, right around the corner.  I know, scary right?  I am nowhere near close to being done shopping for gifts!  I am going to have a huge meltdown.  [2 more Fridays till Christmas. #Ohmyfreakinggosh]  Today I am linking up with Christina, Darci, Natasha, and April for Five on Friday.. and I'm going to share my 5 Christmas favorite traditions.

Decorating.  I love decorating for the Holidays and no matter how many decorations I already have, I always have to buy some new ones every year.  Don't ask.  I just love the lights and the decor and how it makes your home feel so much livelier and cozy instantly!
Plus, we started a tradition where we buy one ornament that represents that year.  This year we purchased one that was in the shape of a key that says "Our First Christmas In Our New Home." I cannot wait to get our tree and place it on it!

Source ::  How does this not make you feel warm inside?

Baking. Although I am not an amazing baker there is something about baking for Christmas.  It's so fun to create cute new ideas (shown below) and incorporate the normal traditions.  Oh and fudge! My mom always makes the best fudge and only makes it during Christmas.  So I think that makes it extra special with that anticipation waiting for it all year!

Parties.Who doesn't love a fun Christmas party. Whether it be ugly sweater or white elephant, bringing people together to celebrate is always a good thing.  I mean, look at how happy this guy is to be wearing something hideous.  I dig it.

Family. Christmas is the one Holiday that our entire family gets together.  There's that special warm feeling I get inside on Christmas morning.  Not because of the presents, but because of the time shared with loved ones.


Gifts. Seriously people.  I love gifts. I love getting gifts and I especially love shopping for gifts.  Being on the hunt to search for the perfect gift for someone gives me a thrill.  I love watching their faces as they open it up.  It makes me feel good inside!   Of course I love receiving them too, but just gifts in general makes me happy.
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  1. Your list pretty much sums up why this time of year is awesome! I especially love the decorating and parties with friends/family! :) Have a great weekend, friend!

  2. I love your list! I have to start my baking next weekend so I am not burned out by Christmas.

  3. I love decorating the house until its downright tacky. Such a pretty time of year!

  4. I am so excited for the Holidays this year - my fiance and I are starting some traditions of our own this year! We are going to decorate our first tree together this Saturday and order pizza and light candles and watch Christmas movies and bake Christmas cookies! I am so excited!

  5. Baking and decorating are definitely my favorites of the holidays. I can't wait till I have a bigger place to properly decorate with all of the bells and whistles! Happy Friday!

  6. We have an ugly sweater party next weekend and I am beyond excited for it!!

  7. I love you bulbs. How are the letters on? Do they peel off easy? I have cats who get into everything lol!


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