Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Recap

I can't believe 2014 is official over.  It truly was one of the best years of my life as it was the year I married my best friend.   2014 will always be remembered for years to come.


- January 2014 -
  •  Celebrated New years with my best friend and barely made it to midnight!
  • We got the major ball rolling on Wedding planning.
  • Got all the bridesmaids together for a brunch to discuss Bridal Shower & Bachelorette parties
  • Ordered my wedding shoes!
  • Went line dancing
  • Took the pups to Dog Beach

- February 2014 -
  • Won $$$ on the Superbowl game
  • Bridesmaids date to line dance
  •  Went to my first PBR!
  • Attended my friends baby shower. 
  • Participated in my first #carabox  

- March 2014 -
- April 2014 -
  • Had my bridal shower
  • Went on my Bachelorette cruise 

- May 2014 -

- June 2014 -
- July 2014 -
  • Married my best friend
  • Went on our honeymoon
  • Bought our first home
- August 2014 -    
- September 2014 -
- October 2014 -
- November 2014 -
- December 2014 -
 Share with Bella and I your favorite moments of 2014 by linkin' up below!


  1. That looks like such a busy and fun year! Next year is my wedding year and I am so excited for all of the fun to begin!

  2. 2014 was such a huge year for you, can't wait to see what 2015 brings you :)

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  4. Glad you had a wonderful 2014! Like you, my husband and I got married, went on our honeymoon and bought a house all in the same month! Some people had negative things to say about that, but it all worked out perfectly for us, just like it seems like they did for you!
    Here's to a happy 2015!!

  5. Holy cow July was busy for you!! Looks like a great year for you! Hope 2015 is just as good.

  6. We had so many similarities in our year for 2014! Can't wait to follow along in 2015! xo

  7. Fun recap! I can't wait to look back on my 2015 with all the fun wedding things that will be happening! Happy New Year girl!

  8. What a fun year!!! May 2015 be an even better one!

  9. Hello busy fun year! Here is to hoping your year in 2015 will be just as fun & busy :)


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