Thursday, December 11, 2014

Unique Christmas Decor

I'm just going to come out and say it.
I am a FREAK when it comes to researching.

Not kidding.

So when Christmas was approaching, the first thing I did was research unique Christmas decor ideas.  Something different than the usual average decor that everyone and there cats grandmother has.  I found a few to be pretty much amazing, and here they are:


This my friends is made from an upside down tomato plant cage.  Yes friends.  How simple is that?  Throw some lights around it and add a topper and you've got yourself the easiest decor I've seen in a while.
Love love love this idea!



If you are really struggling for ideas with no money to spare. Then this is just for you:

You literally throw some books in a pile and wrap some beads, add a star and you've got yourself a unique tree to have on display wherever you please.



If you have a lot of random bottle hanging around your crib, then this is the project for you.  Not as simple as the previous ideas, but talk about a "Wow" factor.

I would totally be game to do this if I had a bunch of bottles AND the time to do this.   It would be so cool!
Could you imagine all your friends talking about your totally awesome Christmas tree idea?  You'd be the talk of the town for weeks!


 This is perfect if you have some frames, boards, or similar lying around your home.  Just cut up or print out your own snowflakes, or other art and string them in with a clip!  Simple, cute and unique!


If you are looking for an alternative to number 1, then this ladder would be perfect for you.


Especially if you have a random shabby old ladder lying around your house. (Who does ?)   I love how you can decorate it with lights, add some bulbs and maybe a plant on top that was already lying around your home.
I would also probably add some ribbon in the mix.

Do you have any unique Christmas decor that you are dying to try?


  1. I really like the book tree idea! Nothing too unique around the Collier homestead.

  2. Wow! Those are all really creative!!

  3. Those are all SO cool...I really love the book tree. How fun!

  4. I love the book idea - so cute! The tree made out of bottles looks really cool but gosh I hope it doesn't fall because that would be messy!

  5. I love the bottle idea! We have a bar area down by our pond at our house and I think a smaller one with just a few bottles would be an awesome idea for down there!

  6. Those are awesome ideas! I love the book tree! The bottle tree would be a lot of work but it's really amazing!

  7. I have a tomato plant Christmas tree!!! i wrapped it in garland and lights and used it as outdoor decor. But this I love for the indoors!!

  8. I LOVE the tomato plant cage!! It looks perfect!!


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