Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Things I've Learned While Planning Our Wedding.

People will not RSVP {no matter how hard you try} - This meme says it all:

It's true.  You would like to think when you self address an envelop and provide a stamp to send back an RSVP, that people would think it was easy.  Sorry Girlfran. No matter how hard you try, there will be a select few {or more} that will refuse to RSVP.
You can expect a text or a facebook message the day before or wedding {or on your wedding} IF THAT.
Even those who are nice enough to mail an RSVP may not even show up. {Sucks doesn't it}...they'll come up some lame excuse to not come last minute. I'd like to send a big thank you to those who RSVP'd and didn't bother showing up, I'm glad we paid for your dinner which was not cheap. Thanks for that.

Don't expect your bridesmaids to help.  I guess I just thought they would have done the research {As I would have} and help the Bride the day of.  My poor pregnant Bridesmaid who did my hair and makeup barely got to get ready because the other girls wouldn't help clear her stuff up after she tried asking them to.  Yes some {or all} may make an effort to help.  {If that's the case-- I envy you}

The day goes by ridiculously fast.  You may not even notice some things.  {Thank goodness for photos and videos}. Try to make an effort to go to each table but do it quick, otherwise you'll miss half the night talking to people when you could be getting your jig on on the dance floor.  My best advice: Go to the guests you see less often first, then go by the ones you see on the daily.

Thank goodness for our coordinator to keep us on top of things {although we didn't get to eat}. She really did amazing and had two assistants making sure we didn't run into each other throughout the day and made sure we were on time, and moved some items from the ceremony to the reception before guests arrived.  She was wonderful.  Seriously guys, I recommend at least hiring a day of coordinator!  Who else is going to line up the guys, and make sure all the vendors arrive on time?  Trust me, that's the last thing you want to deal with on YOUR wedding day.

Bring flats.  You will not want to be running around in heels all day. {It's a LONG day}

Have fun, laugh all day and all night. {The camera will most likely be on you anyways}.  Make sure to give your photographer a list of the photos you need to have.  You will be too busy the day of to remember.  Trust me you will have a lot on your mind.

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  1. SO many of these were true for me as well. Our wedding was in April and there are STILL a couple of people we never got an RSVP from. It's just rude. We had to harass one of my husband's cousins to find out if he and his wife were going to come (they didn't). And I had a family member RSVP yes, but then her significant other got sick the day of so she didn't come. It is super annoying when people don't show!
    Im sorry your bridesmaids didn't help you a lot--that's not nice of them at all. Luckily I did not have that issue but everyone is different! :(
    And YES YES YES to the flats!! Every bride will want them!
    Great post!! :)

  2. It drove me INSANE when people didn't rsvp..and that my bridesmaids didn't help. I feel your pain, my friend.

  3. These are great tips. I never knew so many people wouldn't RSVP, but that's good to keep in mind when we write out our invitations. The picture of your and your bridesmaids is stunning!

  4. YES! I was absolutely infuriated with the lack of RSVPs. It's really not that difficult and I had some meltdowns about it. Sigh. It's also really difficult when the bridal party, or others, you thought you could rely on to help you that day simply fall short. I definitely expected too much of too many people, but in retrospect, what was most important is that I got married, so I'm calling the day a win:)

  5. I'm not getting married anytime soon (girl can't even find a bf - ha!), but I'm an event planner so I'm with you on the RSVP thing. Like WHY can you not RSVP?! And the whole "hey let's just not show up to the event" - yayyyy, but I paid for you already. Luckily (unlike a wedding) a lot of my fancier events have some sort of charge, so I still have some money toward the food that we already bought!

  6. We actually got a lot of RSVPs, and most people did send them in on time (or told us they were coming). I don't get why someone wouldn't just send in the prepaid envelope, but whatever. It happens to everyone, apparently! I have to say that my bridesmaids were fabulous. I only had 4, so maybe that is why? But one created all of our paper products, one did my makeup and brought food for getting ready, my sister was running around with her head cut off during the day because of the weather, and my last maid (who had a daughter 8 weeks before our wedding) was constantly checking to see if I needed anything. She helped me to the bathroom more times than I can count! They were great. I'm sorry your experience wasn't the same. It's a shame!

  7. I am DREADING the RSVP seriously scared at this point. Oh well...I'll just see what happens and hopefully not have a panic attack through it. Great tips girl!

  8. I follow you in IG and I think it's because of wedding stuff - I just married in September and girl, this post sums it up to a T !! The RSVP thing, the not getting any help thing, the day FLYING by! My favorite was getting an RSVP and dinner choice for 2 separate people and their guest, and they decided NOT to bring a guest... So that was 2 dinners down the drain and 4 no shows! Not to mention TWO guests didn't give a gift no less a card. It's really crazy how people act when it comes to a Wedding... I would NEVER do any of those things. I've been in several weddings and ALWAYS help anywhere I can, and would never dream of NOT giving a gift and especially a card. ;-)

  9. I totally agree with the whole RSVP nonsense and the bridesmaid stupidity. I dealt with those things big time! And I was extremely irritated about the people who RSVP'd and didn't show up considering the amount of money that was basically thrown out the window for their seats/meal!


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