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Wedding Wednesday Q+A

The lovely Bride Q+A Series continues on this beautiful Wednesday!  Today I have Meghan from Champagne and Suburbs sharing her Wedding with you today.


When did you get married 
David and I got married June 28, 2014.

How did you meet?
DG moved to NC in August to teach.  He worked at the school where my dad was an assistant principal, which happens to be 3 miles away from where I also teach.  An old family friend of my family's was the principal who hired DG, and he kept trying to set me up with DG.  One Saturday in February, I met an old college friend for a drink.  She told me that two guys were coming to meet us.  I thought she was trying to set me up, but she told me one was married and explained the other guy was tagging along because he was helping her run her soccer tryouts at the high school she taught at.  
DG walked in and started chatting and I was pretty distant.  I was on again, off again with a guy from college and we had plans later.  DG told me that he coached soccer and I asked where.  He told me what school and I asked if he taught there.  He told me yes and I said "Oh, funny story!  Your principal has been trying to set me up with you since he hired you in August."  He said that no one had told him about that.  I said "Yes because I wasn't interested."  And we've been together ever since that night.

Engagement Story:
We got engaged on December 5, 2012.  I thought we were taking Christmas card pictures in our new house, but he was really planning on proposing to me and having someone there to take pictures.  His friend came over to take our pictures and they were acting ridiculous.  I mean... one of our pictures was a pose that looked like the DVD cover of Stepbrothers.  I got so annoyed, so his friend said "Can you just come see if you can use one of these pictures?"  As I was looking at the pictures, I saw pictures of DG in the clothes he had worn to work that day on his knee and I got really upset.  I thought they were playing a joke on me, and his friend said "Shut up and turn around."  When I did, DG was on his knee.

What was the one thing you were most passionate about?
I was passionate about making our wedding a reflection of us.  I wanted it to be light hearted, fun, and down to earth.

What was the most awkward thing about wedding planning
So, it was really umcomfortable the night we got engaged that people asked if we had set a date.

 How many bridesmaids did you have? How did you go about choosing them?

I had 10.  My childhood best friend and my college best friend were my matrons of honor and stood with me during the ceremony.  I picked my best high school friend, my best college friends, and then my best adult friends to be my bridesmaids.

How long did it take you to find your wedding dress?
I got engaged literally 3 days after going wedding dress/bridesmaid dress shopping for a friend.  So when I went to order my bridesmaid dress, I walked in and saw what I always envisioned my dream dress looking like.  I asked to try it on and it looked awful.  What was worse, is the consultants didn't help me in and out of the dress and wouldn't help me find other dresses.  I went back with a friend because the store had such a huge selection and I was incredibly disappointed again.  Both times I ended up crying in the fitting room.   Another friend got her dress from Lana Addison, a locally owned boutique, and I made an appointment.  My mom came and a few friends who brought Andre Extra Dry.  We had the best time and my consultant really listened.  I found my dress and ended up buying it that day.  It was amazing.

Spill some deets that went on.

I'm convinced weddings bring out the worst in people.  Our DJ was a DISASTER.  We had a spot on our RSVP card for our guests to request a song.  A week before the wedding, we met with him for 3 hours where we went through every single song we wanted played in our 4 hour reception.  On the night of our wedding, he played 6.  SIX!   He also cussed out my day-of coordinator and brought too many speakers, lights, and set up in front of the show piece of the reception.  Also, at our ceremony venue, they didn't cut the grass or fill the fountain which was our backdrop for the ceremony.  But it's all okay.

Any drama? We wanna hear drama!
The most significant drama was that my in-laws didn't like a single decision made.  My father-in-law went around to guests at the rehearsal dinner and said he hoped DG left me at the alter the next day.  I haven't spoken to them since the wedding except for my mother-in-law to tell me how awful the entire weekend was and to blame me for that.  My husband still hasn't spoken to his father.  So, if you have a great relationship with your in-laws, don't take that for granted! 

What was your color scheme, and what made you choose it?
Our color scheme was gold, cobalt blue, coral, and cream.

Did you do any DIY projects/etc?

I made glitter champagne flutes for the bridesmaids luncheon, frames for the tables, all the calligraphy, and my mom and I made cotton boutonnieres for the groomsmen.

If you don't mind sharing what your budget was, and if you stayed on track or went over budget?

My budget was $25,000 and we hit right at that.

What was your favorite thing about your wedding day?

I loved having all of my favorite people around for one day.  Loved it.  The entire day was incredible.

What was the most stressful thing about your wedding day?
Trying to make a call about the weather.  It was supposed to rain on the day of our wedding, and they wanted me to call it and move it inside.  I refused, and the weather was perfect!  June could be really hot in NC, but it was about 70 degrees.

If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Honestly, we would have eloped and had a big party when we returned.  DG was the one who wanted a wedding; I wanted to elope.  We had the best time and loved our experience, but I still would have eloped.

What's your best piece of advice for future brides out there?
Seriously, do what makes you and your husband happy.  If you try to make others happy, you either won't make yourself happy or they'll still be displeased.  It's your day with your fiance and that's all that matters.  Also, don't take it too seriously.  We arrived at the Rose Garden early, so we took a spin to a local bar and had a glass of champagne before walking down the aisle.  It was hands down one of my favorite parts of the day.

Thanks so much for being a part of my wedding series Meghan! It was so great to have you and I thought it was very helpful!

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  1. Such pretty pictures!!! I couldnt agree more with her about the favorite part being having your favorite people around you! It was absolutely one of the best things about the day...and so special because when will that ever happen again?? :)

  2. I liked the local wedding dress shops so much more, too. I could tell the consultants really paid attention!

  3. Ugh, so awful about the drama, I'm so sorry. I remember hearing about that after your wedding, when I sent you a congrats email. Wish I could give you a hug!

    Your dress is beautiful and you looked amazing in it!

  4. So sorry about the drama! Completely agree about the best part of the day: dancing with everyone I care about totally made all the drama leading up to the day seem worth it!

  5. That drama is pathetic and unfortunately I can relate. SO not right!

    But the pictures look great and it looks like an otherwise fun wedding :)

  6. I bought my dress from a local shop, and I found out later that Davids Bridal offered a similar looking dress for the same price. I would much rather go to a local place and support a local business than Davids, especially since the price wasn't any different.

  7. Holy crap, I am so sorry about your in-law drama - how sad!! I hope they get their acts together and apologize soon! I love your proposal story!!


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