Thursday, January 16, 2014

Inspire Me 2014: Day 11 - Winter Wonderland

Co-hosting with the lovely Kristen for our Inspire Me 2014 Blog Challenge!
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Today's prompt: Take a photo of what your “winter wonderland” looks like.

My Girl Kristen hails from New England, so she gets all the pretty snow! I don't get to experience snow where I live.  In fact, it is 83 degrees right now. 
My extremely white skin is going to burn!
Crazy, I know. & I'm sure most of you that have snow and very cold climates are rolling your eyes at me when I say I wish it was colder. Not a whole lot, but slightly! 

Alright, so you want to see my so called "winter wonderland?"  Not much of a winter.. but here it goes:

 My little pup in the photo above.  I was taking them on a walk when I took these photos.

Bright, sunny, over 80 degree weather, mid-January.  I swear the seasons are changing because it was rainy and much cooler in July, and I'm pretty positive I don't live in Australia where they have opposite seasons.

Oh and I thought I'd share my amazing wedding shoes I ordered! Eeep! I am too excited!!!

Come Join our link up! I'd love to see your actual winter wonderlands and envy you!

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  1. Lol, I actually envy you not having to endure the amount of snow and the cold! :)

    xo, I Write About You

  2. those shoes :) love them similar to mine (which were blue)

  3. I think I would like a winter with no snow, but I don't think I could do it all the time.

    And those shoes are amazing!!!

  4. I used to have those winters too - and then I decided to move to Boston!! the wedding shoe bling!

  5. I moved from CT to FL a few years ago and you couldn't pay me enough to move back. The snow may be pretty, but the bitter cold gets really old after a while and everyone is depressed and longing for warm sunny summer days. Enjoy that beautiful weather of yours! ;-)

    And LOVE those shoes! Gorgeous!

  6. we are supposed to be getting snow tonight but probably not a whole lot. Those shoes are gorgeous!!! I can't really wear heals with my hubby around because I am already a little taller than him anyways, I can only imagine what the pictures would have looked like from our wedding if I had worn heels. But its all good because I prefer my Justin boots over heels any day!!!

  7. Love the shoes!! And you're so lucky it's in the 80s right now. Florida is having a freeze warning tonight, which is pretty uncommon so it's gonna be colder than usual. I'm just dreaming of summer to arrive soon!


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