Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Inspire Me 2014: Blogger Challenge

Co-hosting with Kristen, and the prompt for today is..
January 22: What are some personal goals you’d like to work on this year?

My goals for this year are to eat better, create meal plans for at least 4 days out
 of the week, and exercise more regularly. 

Last night, I started working out with my fiance.  He's my personal trainer so he showed me what to do, how many, and really pushed my limits.  Lets just say, I haven't worked out in a long long time, and he really forced me to get a good workout.  It sucked at the time, but I am very motivated and driven and wanted to exceed what he told me to do.  My pre-workout meal was oatmeal and bananas.

I've found that eating at least 1 hour before a workout , prevents low blood sugar (which leads to light-headedness and fatigue.)  The only reason I felt light headed was because my iron is low, and fatigued because I never workout.  But I don't like giving up. 
I'll push through it!

Now, what are some personal goals you'd like to work on this year? 
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  1. I always have to have that happy medium between having something in my stomach but not being too full before working out. If I'm full I cramp up, if I'm hungry I feel lightheaded. Your snack looks like the perfect pre-workout meal :)

  2. I am not at home, as soon as I can get to my laptop, I will add your links :)

  3. A healthy snack or even a protein shake is great before workouts to prevent the lightheaded feeling.

    Btw, did you ever get around to posting that Wedding Q&A I sent you last year?

  4. Looks delicious! Oatmeal and bananas are the perfect pre-workout meal. c:


  5. I looooove banana and oatmeal! I'm with you, trying to stick to an exercise routine and meal planning are just a few of my main goals! So far so good! :)


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