Thursday, January 2, 2014

What Did You Do For New Years?

Today is our first day of Inspire me 2014!  I am so excited to share this series with Kristen from Happiness is a Mood Not a Destination!  Today's question is simple, we thought it would be a great way to start with something easy, especially because I am sure your brain is still recovering from your New Years festivities.

Today's question:

What did you do for New Years?
I spent my New Years at one of my best friends house with her husband, my fiance, and some of her friends and family.  It was so wonderful to share it with people we care about.
I made my delicious 7 layer dip, and it was gone so fast! It definitely was a hit! 

I found out my bestie is pregnant with her first child, so she had the pleasure of drinking apple cider.  I of course had Vodka, Seagrams 7, and some Coronas. 
 I had such a hard time staying awake past twelve, I think we ended up falling asleep around 1 am.  The next morning we cooked breakfast and my girlfriend and I worked on some crafts for my bridal shower!  It was the best way to celebrate New Years Day! 
Fun & Getting it done!

The start of some crafts:

Then for lunch we had In & Out.  Seriously Amazing.  
I ended up catching a cold.  I knew it would happen, my nose has been terrible the past week and my throat felt dry.  So it was bound to happen. 
But, overall it was a great New Years, despite catching a cold.
I am so excited to see what 2014 has to bring & 
I am so excited this is the year I marry my best friend! 
Now it's your turn to answer the question: 
What did you do for New Years?

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  1. Happy New Year! How exciting that one of your friends is expecting! And YAY for it being your wedding year :-))

  2. Happy New Year and just a little heads up none of your pictures are showing up for this post!

  3. Happy New Year! That dip looks so yummy :)

    Happy Wedding Year!!

  4. So fun! I think you need to share this dip recipe asap. Happy New Year love. xo


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