Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Inspire Me 2014: Day 9 & Bridal Shower Signs

Inspire Me 2014 Blog Challenge: Day 9  {With the most amazing Co host- Kristen from Happiness is a Mood Not a Destination}
Read the list of prompts here if you'd like to join in at any time!

But first, I am going to share some Bridal Shower Signs I created for my upcoming bridal shower! Let me know what you think!

Our theme is Shabby Chic & we are incorporating chalkboard signs and labels on everything.

So I was going to print these up and put them in some cute frames.

Any suggestions on printing or any other ideas would be super duper appreciated! XOX  

Sorry this photo sucks, Camera phone status...

Oh and less than 6 months till the big day! eeeeeeep! 

You can order yours through my Etsy shop, here

"Best blogging tips & coding that could be beneficial"
My absolute favorite and most used tip is using coding that links back to your blog when you comment on another fellow bloggers post. You simply write your comment, and include this HTML code: 
{tip: Include your blog or website link where the code is orange & Include the title of your blog or website where the code is teal} 

 And your "title" will appear as a link when you comment!
 It makes it much easier for other bloggers to directly click to your blog!

Ok don't forget to link up with both Kristen and myself today!

(P.S. it was her Birthday yesterday, go send her some wishes!!)

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  1. These signs are adorable!! Isn't bridal shower planning fun?! Love it!

  2. Your typography designs are to die for! I love them!! especially the first two!

  3. Thank you for the tip! I am such a clueless blogger! lol!

    Love those signs! 6 months? How exciting!

  4. Awe these signs are so cute!!! When I have printed the chalkboard prints I have I had them done at Staples on card stock. But really since you are putting them in frames you could probably just do them at home, just make sure you have plenty of black ink because the chalkboard prints really use up a lot of it!

  5. I love everything about this post, and I am so glad I stopped by your cute little space today. I've been wondering how people put a link without that ugly, long URL. And I am currently obsessed with all things chalkboard so of corse I am smitten with your signs as well.

  6. i'm totally coming to you for ideas when we plan our wedding. These signs are just the best. And I can't say enough how awesome it is to host inspire me 2014 with you! I just learned something new and love it. I hate having to write out the long url for my blog and always wondered how to link it.

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  8. It's so cool that you are going the DIY route for planning your wedding! I think it makes the details so much more personalized. Have you ever thought about doing a DIY wedding video? There are lots of different apps you and your guests can use, but my personal favorite is WeddingMix. Check it out!

  9. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for sharing that code. I've always wondered how people do that but I guess I'm too lazy to google it lol now I'm trying it out here for the first time :-) Alyssa at Southern Abundance


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