Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

Gosh this past weekend flew by fast!  I literally blinked my eye and it was over.  Anyways now it's time for the weekend recap- hosted by the lovely Bella from Dateless in Dallas and myself. And here we go:

Friday night: I was super lazy Friday and my fiance went out with his friends so I got some dinner with my mom, and watched Dallas Buyers Club at home while snuggling with my pups.  It was a very relaxing, much needed Friday well spent.  And I played Candy Crush way too much. Gosh that game is addicting.

Saturday: I got up early, and by early I mean 9, and went to Breakfast with my mom.  After breakfast when my fiance got home from work, we went condo/apartment shopping.  We basically just drove by some places to scope out the area and get a feel for how far or close it is for us to drive to work.  We also went ring shopping for our wedding rings, and it was a success because we ended up buying both of them! One more thing to cross off our list!

Saturday Night: My fiance and I went out to dinner with his boss at a delicious Mexican restaurant that seriously has the best skirt steak!  We crave it!  After dinner we went to some local bars and stayed up wayyyyy too late. Here is a photo of some decor inside the restaurant:

Sunday: Literally we wasted our entire Sunday.  We were so lazy and just watched TV in between napping all day.  We did, however, get up and got ready to get a late lunch(by getting ready I mean half-assing my makeup and throwing my hair in a ponytail).  I had a delicious trip trip dip sandwich and salad, with fries.  And girls, I have not had fries for months!  They are my weakness and I've been really good about not eating them.  But I had to this time.  Cheat days are ok in small portions!

The last two photos: My friends baby shower, we are using some of the decorations for my Bridal Shower in April!  So I wanted to show you some!

Ok and I promise for the lovely ladies who sent me wedding Q + A, I will be working on it asap! I've been super lagging! Sorry! Thanks for understanding!

Now it's time for you to link up your fabulous weekends!

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  1. Is that your engagement ring? WOW! It's beautiful!!

  2. Love the look of your wedding bands with your gorgeous engagement ring!! Nothing wrong with a relaxing weekend!

  3. I love the shower decorations! They are gorgeous (:
    Your engagement ring is amazing too!!!!

  4. I usually try to eat well during the week so I don't feel so guilty about what I eat/drink on the weekends. So enjoy those fries gurlie!

    P.S. Gorgeous engagement ring!

  5. Yay for lazy weekend, delicious food and drinks, and wedding bands!!! Your ring is absolutely gorgeous! Love it! How exciting!

  6. Ahh do you not just want to keep the wedding band on and never put it back? I was so excited for mine to be reunited with my engagement ring. Candy crush is ridiculously addicting, as is Mexican food. haha Hope you had a great start to your week!

  7. Wow you are on top of it! I have to admit, I haven't even given the rings a though. I just know I am going to totally forget about something super important like this! lol

  8. I loved Dallas Buyers Club! Great movie.

    The ring looks gorgeous!

    That decor from that restaurant is quite impressive. Makes me wanna be there sippin' on Margaritas.

    "Cheat days are ok in small portions" Not for me! Large portions baby!! LOL

  9. Your ring is beyond beautiful!!!!


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