Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesday : Wedding Checklist

Happy Wednesday ya'll... ya'll?  Why would I say that?  Californians don't talk like that. I think I secretly want to be a Southern girl and have an accent.  But let's face it.. I don't.  Not even close. Let's talk weddings!  So I can't believe today marks164 days until the big day.  It's coming so much faster now that it's the actual year.

It feels so good checking things off my checklist, and realizing we really don't have much left to do, other than the final details.. which we can't really do until closer to the big day.  You can check out my checklist from back in June here.

Still need:
❑ send invitations (may/june)
❑ cake taste (Feb 4th!)
❑ Dress alterations (as soon as shoes come in)
❑ Jewelry
❑ Flight for Honeymoon
❑ Groomsman attire
Flower girl attire/ring bearer attire
❑ Garter
❑ Menu Tasting (heck yes!!) (March)
❑ find Makeup artist (appt March)
❑ need to make gifts for bridesmaids/groomsman
❑ Wedding license (May/June)
❑ plan Rehearsal/ dinner
❑ Finish card box

It feels so good to check things off! We really only have the final details left. Ah!

Linking up with Belle in Boots today for Wedding Wednesday!

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And for the Inspire Me 2014 Challenge.. Today's prompt is: Only photos
Check out yesterdays post here, I sorta did it early.. except I added text.  dang it!


  1. This is the home stretch...well sort of! I did a post today of my favorite wedding buys from Etsy shops and garters happen to be on there!!

  2. you secretly want to be southern, who doesn't. your ticking things off quickly!! we (i) didnt even do a garter or bouquet toss

  3. how exciting you're getting things done! happy to have stopped by from the link up, excited to follow along in your planning adventures!

  4. Ahh it goes by so fast! Enjoy every second of those 164 days!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  5. You are way more organized than I was planning my wedding, I did everything within the last 3-5 months before we actually got married. But now we're coming up on our 7th Anniversary! Which is pretty exciting I think..

  6. You've done so much so far!!
    Congrats! c:
    Can't wait to see posts after the big day. c;


  7. *hands over southern drawl* You can have mine and if you dont believe that I have one let me know and I'll do a vlog LOL

    looks lke you've got a lot done. Congrats. Keep it up chick. It's best to be done ahead of time.

  8. I am currently planning a wedding expo and I can't agree more it feel AMAZING to get stuff marked off!!!


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